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Student Transcripts

Transcripts are your academic record of all the courses you've taken during your time at Edmonds College. There are lots of reasons you'll need to access your transcripts during your time at Edmonds, and even after you've graduated. Whether you need your transcripts because you're tracking your graduation progress, applying for a new job or internship, or are transferring to a university, we've made ordering transcripts easier than ever.

Official Transcripts

When you need an official copy of your transcripts, you can request these online, through the mail, or in person at the Edmonds College Cashier's Office.

Picking up a Transcript?

Transcript orders can be picked up at the Edmonds College Enrollment Services front counter. All pick-up orders require a picture ID.

Relatives, friends, or agents picking up transcripts for a student must show proof of identification along with a  letter of permission (written and signed by the student) authorizing the transcript pick-up.

For online orders, written permission authorizing pick-up of a transcript by a relative, friend, or agent may be given by completing the "Special Instructions" field of the Online Transcript Order Website. Please specify the designated person’s name and relationship to you.

Unofficial Transcripts

Often students only need an unofficial transcript, which you can download at no cost from your ctcLink acount. 

Login to CTCLink

ctcLink ID and password needed to log in to ctcLink

GED Test Scores

If you need record of your GED test scores, please visit GED.com to access them. Edmonds College does not keep official records of these test scores.


If you have questions about ordering your transcripts, please contact us.

Call 425.640.1794 or email: transcripts@edmonds.edu

Need to order your Official Transcripts?

Start an online request, or fill out the form for a mail-in or in-person request.

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