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Transfer credit

Did you earn college-level credits at another technical school, college, or university? If you want those credits to apply toward a certificate or degree at Edmonds College, you should get a Transcript Evaluation.


Placement is Different From Evaluation.

If you would like to use your past coursework for placement in English or Math, check out your options with Alternative Assessment at Edmonds College. This process uses unofficial transcripts and is typically quick. It is supported by Testing & Assessment Services and Academic Advising.

Special Admissions Programs Have Additional Steps.

If you are pursuing a program with a special admissions process (such as one of our Baccalaureate programs), be sure to connect with that program's Program Advisors and/or Program Managers. They may have additional steps or separate processes for you to take!

Transcript Evaluation Steps

To have your transcripts evaluated for transfer credit, please complete the following steps:

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