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What is an Internship?

For students, internships are a supervised time-limited professional work experience, focused on offering meaningful and practical work related to the student’s career interests and/or field of study. They can be full – or part time, paid or unpaid. Many internships are eligible for credit(s) at Edmonds College.

For employers, internships offer the opportunity to bring new ideas and perspectives into the workplace; develop committed and relevant talent through project based work; and build a cost effective recruitment strategy for future employees.

Benefits of an Internship

There are many benefits to procuring a successful internship. A few of the top benefits include:

  • Through hands-on experience bridge classroom learning to work experience 
  • Gain practical skills, knowledge and confidence in your field of interest 
  • Make informed career choices
  • Grow business contacts and professional network
  • Make you more competitive in the job market and/or lead directly to employment
  • Develop your own learning objectives, earn college credit and meet program requirements

Quality Internships

Internships are available across many industries and programs of study. A quality internship will:

  • Provide clear job and/or project descriptions
  • Offer regular feedback and support
  • Match the work to your learning objectives and career goals
  • Challenge you and increase your skills

Interested in Learning More?

Here is a handy overview of the internship process to better equip you for finding and applying to an internship. This overview also provides information on internship and work-related courses at the college that can help you earn credit while completing your internship hours.

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