The campus phone system is out-of-service. Internet and email have not been impacted.

To reach the operator, please text 425.243.0867.

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connect to Triton Wifi


Log in to the ‘Triton WiFi’ network using your Triton ID credentials.

Username: Triton ID (example: j.doe1234 - exclude

Password: Same password used for Triton ID/Student email account - NOT EdMail

Student wireless access is available only during academic quarters, not during breaks.


Log in to the ‘Triton WiFi’ network using your Employee account credentials.

Username: firstname.lastname (example: jane.doe - exclude or

Password: Same password used for Employee email account

Information for Guests

If you are an invited guest (event host, contractor, etc.) please obtain the 'Triton Events' password from your Edmonds College contact.

How to Connect to Triton Events

Reminder: Edmonds College Wi-Fi is only available for registered Students, current Employees and invited guests. This is not available for public use. For public Wi-Fi in the area you may refer to the Washington State Drive-In WiFi Hotspots Location Finder.


Call 425.640.1234 (voicemail-only during remote operations)

Visit our online knowledge base and submit a ticket at, or go to the Virtual Support Live Chat page.