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Course Evaluations

Each quarter, Edmonds College asks our students to evaluate certain courses and instructors electronically via Canvas (or their preferred email address in ctcLink) using CourseEvalKit. Each instructor will be evaluated at least once per year, but not every instructor will be available to evaluate each quarter.

All student feedback is 100% anonymous and very important to building better learning experiences. We value all opinions and suggestions.

How Edmonds College administers evaluations

The process for evaluations is as follows:

  • Students will receive a pop up notifying them an evaluation is available when they log into Canvas. This pop up will redirect to where the evaluations can be filled out, and will continue to appear until evaluations are complete.
  • Students will also receive an email to their preferred email address in ctcLink inboxes with a list of available evaluations and instructions on how to complete them.
  • Most evaluations run between the 9th and 11th weeks of the quarter (7th and 8th in summer). However, deadlines for when these evaluations must be completed may vary by instructor, and will be indicated in ctcLink email and Canvas notifications.

To ensure you receive access to your evaluation, please log into Canvas or check your account throughout the quarter. See specific administration and deadline dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is on the evaluation?

The evaluation you will participate in is mostly a fill-in-the-bubble survey that asks you to rate both your instructor's performance and the course you were in enrolled in. Each evaluation also includes a short comment form.

How can I access the evaluations?

You can access the evaluation(s) one of two ways:

Log into your course in Canvas and click Go to Survey in the pop-up window OR

Click on the Go to Survey link listed in the Table of Surveys given to you via email notification.


NOTE: Mobile users using these links may be asked to download the official CourseEvalKit app. Data charges may apply.

How long do I have to complete my evaluation(s)?

Completion deadlines may vary by instructor and the content of the survey. You may see specific deadlines  in your CourseEvalKit dashboard, which will be accessible through Canvas and email. Deadline dates will also appear in the subject line and body of your email notification.

Who receives my feedback?

All student feedback will remain 100% anonymous and be compiled into mean data. Deans and instructors will gain access to these results after grades are posted and will never see student names attached to answers.

What happens if more than one of my courses are being evaluated this quarter?

There is always a chance that more than one of your courses will be evaluated in a given quarter. CourseEvalKit will provide you with a full dashboard in both Canvas and email that shows you which courses and instructors are available for you to evaluate that quarter.

I don't attend this course, or I am no longer enrolled. Do I still participate?

If you are no longer enrolled in a course, but still receive a prompt to evaluate it, you do not need to participate in the evaluation.

More Questions?

Email course.evaluation@edmonds.edu.


Report issues to the START/Help Desk by submitting a ticket at itsupport.edmonds.edu