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Tenure track Faculty Hires

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Edmonds College is seeking Tenure Track Faculty members as part of the Our Colleges, Our Future Act of 2021. We were granted 7 new positions as part of the Our College Our Future Act of 2021 and are seeking to fill 6 additional vacancies.

The Our Colleges, Our Future Act of 2021 is intended to guarantee both equitable access and educational success for all. Particularly for students from communities of color and low-income communities. Edmonds College is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. The college values its talented, diverse workforce and seeks to attract, hire, and support employees who consistently and actively embrace diversity and equity. Edmonds College is an equal opportunity employer. Edmonds College invites all individuals to apply and as an equal opportunity employer, we also encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds and groups to apply for this position.


The salary will be based on the current faculty salary schedule; placement is based on education and related experience. The current range is $72,772-$73,964 annually for a 172-day appointment with progressive increases to $88,270 annually. The college provides an excellent benefits package which includes medical, dental, life insurance, and a retirement plan.

Positions may be eligible to receive additional pay for high demand subjects.

We are currently seeking faculty for the following areas of study

Position Review starts on
English  March 20, 2022
Communications Studies March 20, 2022
Mathematics March 20, 2022
Paralegal April 10, 2022
Biology/Nutrition April 17, 2022
Social and Human Services April 17, 2022
College and Career PREP (Adult Basic Education) April 24, 2022
Philosophy April 24, 2022
Robotics and Mechatronics May 7, 2022

Applications Opening Soon

  • English Language Acquisition (ELA)


We are proud to offer several Bachelors of Applied Science four-year degrees and are hiring full-time faculty for the following:


Position         Review starts on
Advanced Materials and Manufacturing April 3, 2022
Information Technology and Application Development April 3, 2022
Integrated Healthcare Management April 10, 2022


To learn about more opportunities, please visit our job page.

Core Competencies

The key core competencies we look for in our faculty include expertise in the areas of teaching and learning, conducting research, understanding cultural competency and fostering a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and, remaining steadfast in support of all our students, particularly those from communities of color and low-income. Additional competencies will be included in the full position descriptions.