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HR 10.0 - Volunteer Management Policy

It is the policy of Edmonds College to provide volunteer opportunities and to provide educationally-related work assignments for student volunteers and interns. While performing their assigned duties, a college volunteer is an agent of the college; therefore, college volunteers must abide by all college policies that govern conduct and standards, safety requirements, financial responsibility, and confidentiality.

Individuals shall be considered volunteers only when their services are offered freely and without pressure of coercion, direct or implied, from the college. All volunteer opportunities must be entered into without promise or expectation of compensation, future employment, or other tangible benefit. Volunteers do not supplant college employees.

College volunteers are not considered employees for any purpose and are not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act. Volunteers are not eligible for any college benefits and are not covered under the college Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Unemployment Compensation Insurance programs except for reimbursement of expenses. In the event of a change in status from a volunteer position to a paid position, no credit will be given to a former volunteer for time spent in a non-remunerative (i.e. non-pay) status with respect to seniority, benefit, or retirement programs. 

Edmonds College employees may volunteer their services to Edmonds College as long as they are not volunteering to do work that they would normally do as a paid employee. To volunteer legally for their own employer, public employees must perform a service that is distinctly different from their ordinary work activities.



Any person who provides services by personal choice without financial gain and who is sponsored by an educational institution for the purpose of learning about and gaining experience in a work assignment directly related to the course of study.


  1. A person who provides ongoing services by personal choice without personal gain, e.g., a Creative Retirement Institute class instructor. [Edmonds College Definition]
  2. Any person who donates labor to another by his or her own free choice. Generally, the volunteer doesn't receive anything of value in exchange for the service — not money, trade of products or services, or anything else of monetary value. Most college volunteers are sponsored by an educational institution for the purpose of learning about and gaining experience in a work assignment directly related to the course of study. For the purposes of the policy, "volunteer" applies to both interns and volunteers unless otherwise specified.

HR 10.01pr - Volunteer Management Procedures

The following procedures are required to ensure compliance with college policies. All volunteers and supervisors of volunteers must follow these procedures.

Selecting and Engaging a Volunteer


  • Are responsible for determining whether or not to solicit or accept volunteers and for ensuring that volunteers have adequate experience, qualifications, and training for the task they will be asked to perform.
  • Must provide a description of volunteer services to the Human Resources Office.
  • If the volunteer is under 18, provide a completed Parent/School Authorization in addition to the volunteer packet.
  • Must supervise and train the volunteer.
  • Must inform the volunteer of relevant college policies.
  • Must initiate a background check request. Note: International students must come in person to the Human Resources Office to complete their background check form and bring a passport, I-20, and I-94.
  • Must sign the Non-Employee Volunteer/Intern Agreement.
  • Must notify HR when volunteer is no longer working.

Human Resources/Payroll Offices:

  • Responsible for approving internships by non Edmonds College students.
  • Responsible for approving volunteer assignments.
  • Maintain files and records.


  • Must successfully complete a background check. Picture ID is required.
  • Must sign and adhere to the volunteer packet. The volunteer packet includes:
    • Non-Employee Volunteer/Intern Agreement
    • Employee Personal Information Form
  • Adhere to all relevant college policies and procedures.

Dismissal of Volunteer

The college may, at any time and for whatever reason, and at its sole discretion, terminate a volunteer’s relationship with the college.  

Supervisors are responsible for notifying HR within 24 hours of terminating a volunteer and for collecting any college property from the volunteer, such as an EdPass, keys, etc.