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Payment Terms


All invoices and credits shall reference the purchase order number provided by the College. Failure to provide purchase order number on invoices may result in non-payment. A separate invoice shall be processed for each order made and any credits associated with a particular order shall reference the original invoice number.

Invoices shall be emailed to ap@edmonds.edu, or mailed directly to: 

Accounts Payable Office
Edmonds College
20000 68th Ave. W
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Payment Terms

Edmonds College payment terms are Net 30 Days from receipt of a properly completed invoice by the Edmonds College Accounts Payable Office, or for products received or services rendered, whichever is later.

Educational Discounts

As a public educational institution, Edmonds College welcomes educational or other discounts offered by the Supplier.

Prompt Payment Discounts

Suppliers are encouraged to offer prompt payment discounts when submitting quotations to the College.

Payment in Advance

Unless allowed by State of Washington law or as allowed as a matter of business for some commodity or market areas (advertisements, conferences, etc.) payment in advance of receiving goods or services is not permitted.

C.O.D. shipments or payments are prohibited.


Supplier shall issue any order credit in a timely manner. Credit may be in the form of a Supplier refund or, if authorized by the College, by credit to account.