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Supplier Code of Conduct

We are committed to conducting our business affairs in a cordial, compliant, honest and ethical manner consistent with applicable laws and the College’s educational and service missions. The following expectations and requirements are presented to our suppliers in order to ensure that ordered goods, equipment and services are provided in a manner consistent with the following principles.

1. Legal Compliance

  1. The supplier will comply with College policies and local, state, federal and international laws. The laws of the State of Washington shall apply in the event of a conflict of laws.
  2. The supplier shall not retaliate against any Supplier (or College) employee for raising or investigating allegations of supplier violation of College policy or law, fraud, waste, or abuse.

2. Supplier Diversity

The supplier shall have in place and encourage programs, policies, and practices that foster diversity, equity and inclusion in their workforce, including diversity in leadership and in business practices throughout.

3. Ethics

The supplier shall have in place a Code of Ethics, or similar policy which addresses issues regarding ethical conduct of their employees relevant to the market, fair hiring practices, conflict of interest management, and supplier resource utilization. The supplier and their representatives doing business with the College shall conduct themselves lawfully and with ethical integrity and honesty at all times.

4. Subcontracts

The supplier shall apply this code with equal force to any of the supplier’s subcontractors and shall be responsible for ensuring that any subcontractors with whom the supplier does business adhere to the code requirements.

5. Health and Safety

Supplier shall ensure that their employees will not be expected to complete work in an unsafe way that would threaten injury, compromise health, or result in loss of life.

6. Labor And Human Rights

In accordance with applicable local, state, federal and international law, the supplier:

  1. Shall compensate employees fairly for their work.
  2. Shall not discriminate unjustly in its employment practices, including hiring, work assignment, wages, benefits, promotion, discipline, termination or retirement.
  3. Shall not discriminate in the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or identity, nationality, political opinion, social or ethnic origin, or medical need.
  4. Shall not use nor allow to be used coerced or forced labor, nor subject their employees to inhumane, harassing or abusive treatment.
  5. Shall not use or engage labor provided by individuals younger than the age of compulsory education or 15 (fifteen) years of age, whichever is higher.