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Learn Beekeeping Skills at Our Campus Hives 

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Bee Club members have the opportunity to learn hands-on skills in hive management, honey extraction, and sustainable beekeeping at our beehives on the campus farm and during our educational events. We also sell the honey we collect and use the beeswax our bees produce to make candles, lotions, and soaps.

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Students working on bee hivesHands-On Beekeeping

Honey extractionHoney Extraction
Bees wax candlesCandle Making

Club membersEducational Events


Parasite treatment
Parasite Treatment
Treating our bees with oxalic acid to combat varroa mite.
Students working on bee hives

Understanding Bees
Learning to "read the frames" is an important beekeeping skill.


queen with beesThe Queen 👑
See the way the bees circle around the queen? "Queen spotting" can be a fun exercise when doing a hive check!
Bee near a flowerWorker Bees 🐝
Worker bees have many roles in the hive: housekeeper, nurse, attendant to the queen, architect, ventilator, guard, and forager.

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