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Contact Information

Director | Wayne Anthony (he|him|his)

Email: wanthony@edmonds.edu
Ask Me About: Campus Involvement, Leadership Development, Student Government, Commencement Ceremony, Services & Activities Fee Process, Committee Work, CSEL Front Desk.

Assistant Director | Eduardo Torres (he|him|él)

Email: eduardo.torres@edmonds.edu
Phone: 425.640.1537  | 425.640.1087
Ask Me About: Multicultural Support Services, Center for Student Cultural Diversity & Inclusion, Successful Strategies for Completing your Degree/Program, DEI Programs and Events, Student Activities, Student Organizations, Graphics + Marketing Team.

Program Manager | Stewart Sinning (he|him|his)

Email: stewart.sinning@edmonds.edu
Phone: 425.640.1882
Ask Me About: Civic Engagement, Service-Learning Opportunities, Sustainability Events and Programs, Triton Student Center Operations/Facility Concerns, Triton Game Room, Food Pantry.

Fiscal Technician | Regan Shumpert (he|him|his)

Email: brad.shumpert@edmonds.edu
Ask Me About: Making Payments, Student Organization Advisor Reimbursements, Student Fundraisers, Ticket Sales, Student Organizations Expenditures and Account Balances.