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Technology Investment Management Committee

The Technology Investment Management Committee (TIMC) is responsible for recommending allocations of students' one-time technology investment fund and the college matching allocation.

These allocations should direct the college's one-time technology investments based on its mission, goals, and technology strategic plan, with the following objectives:

  • broaden or enhance the quality of students' academic experience through the use of technology in support of the curriculum;
  • provide additional student access to technological resources and equipment that are needed in support of instruction and to maintain and enhance the technological competency of students as it relates to their academic endeavors; and
  • increase the integration of appropriate technology into the curriculum.

Students or faculty who are interested in submitting a proposal can download instructions via the TIMC Google Site.


Connect with Matt Pittayanukoon, executive officer for technology, via asec_tech@edmonds.edu.
For more information, go to the TIMC Google site.