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2021 Commencement CEREMONY

Virtual Commencement Ceremony
12 p.m., Friday, June 18

Drive-through/walk-through celebration on campus 2-5 p.m., Friday, June 18

This year's commencement will be a drive-through/walk-through celebration on Friday, June 18, from 2-5 p.m at Edmonds College, in Parking Lot F. This ceremony is open to all 2019-20 and 2020-21 GED, high school diploma, degree, BAS, and/or certificate completers. Instructions, cap and gown ordering information, and more available here.

If you haven't gotten your Honor Cord, they will be available at CAR'mencement.  If you have questions about honor cords, please email wanthony@edmonds.edu

Graduates: please arrive at your sign up time. Click here for directions and course information.

Purchase Cap and Gown    Information and Directions


Participate or volunteer at the event.

Information and Directions

Graduation and Commencement are Separate

Graduation is the process you go through to have your degree posted to your transcript. Commencement is an annual ceremony (held in June) where we honor your academic accomplishments.

If you are completing Edmonds College degrees and/or certificates – excluding certificates of completion (COCs) – you may participate in the commencement ceremony. If you will complete a degree or certificate summer quarter, you can participate in the commencement ceremony prior to your graduation. To do so, apply for graduation during spring quarter.

Apply for graduation online using the https://www.edmonds.edu/credentials/process.html.

If you are a students who is new for Spring AND you are graduating this June, please contact credentials directly at credentials@edmonds.edu

Commencement Questions?

Email Us: commencement@edmonds.edu