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Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council


To advance the creation of a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment with the focus on transforming Edmonds College into an anti-racist institution.  


To influence and recommend changes to institutional policy, structure, and culture to fulfill the College’s commitment of strengthening our diverse communities and advancing teaching, learning and community engagement.  


DEIC is advisory to the Vice President of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in areas of diversity, equity, inclusion and becoming an anti-racist institution. DEIC meets quarterly with the President and President’s Leadership Team.

Work of the Council 

DEIC will assist with advancing the work of the Comprehensive Plan, Equity Plan and the Office of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.


Members can apply, be nominated and/or be appointed to participate in the DEIC, with moderate to high multicultural competency. The President in conjunction with the Vice President for Equity, Inclusion and Belonging will ask employees to participate in the Council. The President will make the final determination for Council members.

Primary Focus

Take actions that advance the college in becoming an anti-racist institution by intentionally creating an equitable and belonging culture that: 

  • Improves student success by addressing racial disparities in the institution as manifested in enrollment, retention, course completion, and graduation rates.
  • Influences policy, structure, and institutional culture change that dismantles institutional racism and inequitable practices.
  • Advances a sense of belonging, student and employee engagement, accountability, and transparency.

Action Teams: 

  • Action Teams are designed for specific project-based activities and consist of DEIC members, students, and campus community members. For the 2021-22 academic years, the DEIC will establish the following Action Teams:
    • Black, Indigenous and Latinx Student Success Mentoring Team 
      Goal: Establish mentoring groups for Black, Indigenous, and Latinx students to support student success and creating a sense of belonging on campus
    • Equity & Inclusion Professional Development and Training Team
      Goal: Develop and recommend equity, inclusion and anti-racist mandatory training options for the campus community
    • Policy Team
      Goal: Develop an equity assessment policy tool to be used at the college to develop and assess college policies with a focus on removing bias from policies.

DEIC Meetings:  

Two times per month for 1.5 hours each