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Tuition Note

Remember you are not officially registered until you have paid for classes. See when your payment is due.

Your Student Info

Once you have registered, view your schedule online or at a Kiosk on campus.

Online Registration:


NOTE: Online registration is closed after the third day of every quarter as instructor permission is needed to add most classes.

Most students are able to register online using their student ID number and PIN provided at the time of Admission. Please see below for additional information.

New Students

  • You may register after you have taken the ACCUPLACER assessment test, OR
  • After you have been exempted from taking the assessment test, AND
  • After you have attended an advising session.
  • New students register during open enrollment – see Assigned Registration Times to the right.

Students who do not Register Online

  • Some Running Start students – check with the Running Start office.
  • District high school students – A high school release/permission form is required each quarter you wish to enroll.
  • Students enrolled in the following programs: ABE, GED, ESL, Arts Now, Creative Retirement Institute (CRI), PCAPP, and FLED Co-op preschool.

Other Registration Notes

  • The ctcLink system prevents students from registering for multiple sections of the same course.  If the class you want is full, but there's another section that's open and would work as a backup section, it's recommended that you do the following:
    • Enroll into the backup section, but don't put yourself on the waitlist for the other section just yet. 
    • Set up a "swap" to tell the system to drop the backup section if, and only if, it can add the waitlisted section.  Doing this will also put you on the waitlist.
    • If you add yourself to the waitlist without going through the "swap" option, the waitlist system will ignore you as long as you are still enrolled in another section of the same course.
  • The college uses a waitlist system for classes that are full.  When enrolling in classes, the system will ask you if it's ok to put you on the waitlist if the class is full.  Note: some classes are not part of the waitlist system. See Waitlist to the left for more information.
  • Your registration is not final until tuition is paid. Tuition is generally due within seven days after you first register for classes. See the Tuition Payment Deadlines and Options page for more information.