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Tuition Payment Deadlines and Options

Payment Deadlines

Your enrollment in classes is not complete until your tuition is paid. You may be dropped from a class for non-payment. However, if you no longer wish to attend, you are responsible for dropping your classes to avoid debt or unsatisfactory grades.

  • Tuition for spring 2024 is due Mar. 18.
  • Tuition for summer 2024 is due June 17.
  • Tuition for fall 2024 is due Sept. 9.
  • If you add classes after your due date, tuition for the additional classes will be due in 48 hours.
  • Financial Aid students who completed their files by the Financial Aid deadline, and awarded financial aid students are exempt from the tuition due dates.

Payment Options

You can pay your tuition online or by mail using the following steps.


  1. Go to the ctcLink login page
  2. Enter your ID and password, and click Sign In
  3. Click Financial Accounts tile, then select Payments
  4. Select Make a Payment
  5. Review the amount that you owe.
  6. Specify the payment amount under Payment Amount and click on Next
  7. Confirm your payment by selecting Continue to Make Payment.
  8. Then you will be directed to the billing page. Complete each of the tabs to enter your billing information, enter payment, review and submit your payment.
  9. You have now completed a payment on your financial account.

Mail a check or money order to the address below. Make sure your ctcLink ID is on your check or money order.

Cashier’s Office
Edmonds College
20000 68th Ave. West
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Payment must be in the college's possession by your tuition due date. Allow sufficient time for delivery.

Payments from Another Person or Agency

If another person, such as a parent or another agency, is expected to pay your tuition, please take the following steps to ensure we are able to process your tuition payment.

  • Give the person or agency your ctcLink ID (do NOT give out your PIN or your password), and the EXACT amount you owe in tuition. This information is needed at the Cashier’s Office if tuition is paid in person, or if the payment is mailed, OR
  • Give your written permission for the college to give out your ctcLink ID and the amount you owe in tuition, by completing our FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) form. Submit the form to the Enrollment Services counter on the first floor of Lynnwood Hall, or mail the form to us.

Unable to pay right now? We've got options for you.

Learn more about our payment plans and reduced tuition options.

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