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Composition Courses at Edmonds College

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Expand your writing skills

Transfer (AA) degrees at Edmonds College require two college level Communication Skills courses, ENGL& 101 and ENGL& 102, Composition I and II. (Some degrees substitute ENGL 235, Technical Writing, for ENGL& 102).

ENGL& 101: Composition I (5 credits)

In this course you will learn to develop analytical writing that brings together reading, critical thinking, and writing skills. You’ll consider the audience for your writing, write papers supported with evidence, and learn to cite sources correctly. These thinking, reading, and writing skills are helpful in many other college courses, as well as in the workplace and other life situations. 

ENGL& 102: Composition II (5 credits)

English 102 builds on the writing and critical thinking skills you developed in 101 by putting them to work in writing a research paper that investigates a topic in depth. You’ll learn to do academic research and expand your writing skills, as well. Each 102 class is built around a particular theme, which you can find listed in the class schedule. This allows you to select a 102 class in an area of interest to you.

Both 101 and 102 are offered every quarter in a variety of modalities, including hybrid and online.

Placement into college level composition courses

Students qualify for (place into) ENGL& 101 with a 2.5 overall GPA from a U.S. highschool in the past five years. For students who don’t meet that qualification, there are other placement options, including Directed Self-Placement, an exam such as LOEP, or taking pre-college courses. Talk to an advisor or the staff at Testing and Assessment Services if you have questions about your placement.

Support for students taking composition

The Learning Support Center offers drop-in tutoring both in person and online. For ongoing support, students can take WRITE 101 through the Learning Support Center for 1 or 2 credits while they are taking ENGL& 101 or 102. Your 101 or 102 instructor is also available to help you succeed in the class!

For more information

Contact the English Department at englishdepartment@edmonds.edu.