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Yiren Yue, PhDYiren Yue

Office: HZL302F ♦ Phone: 425.640.1740 ♦ Email: yiren.yue@edmonds.edu


Yiren completed her Ph. D. study at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in February 2021.
Her research focused on investigating the health-promoting effect of food bioactive and
risk assessment of environmental contaminants/pollutants. Yiren joined Edmonds College as a
full-time faculty at the Biology department in September 2022. Before that, she worked in
the pharma industry for over a year. Yiren is genuinely interested in understanding students’
needs, individual development, personal goals, and unique situations. She creates a
comfortable and respectful learning environment to promote students’ engagement and
improve their learning experiences.

Faculty Advising:

In addition to meeting with academic advisors to complete your academic plan, students can also meet with faculty to learn more about careers, internships, transfer programs including prerequisite classes and experience needed, and answer questions they have about biology and healthcare careers.  Yiren primarily works with students interested in careers in nutrition and food science and also advises for careers on the healthcare pathways page for biology students and non-majors students interested in biology classes or careers in biology.

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Classes Taught at EC:



Ph.D. in Food Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2021)
B. E. in Food Science and Technology, Beijing Forestry University (2013)