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Course Challenge

A Course Challenge is the process used when:

  • There is a specific Edmonds College course for which you believe you have met the learning outcomes;
  • The course had been designated by the academic department as one that can be challenged (not all courses may be challenged).

Course Challenges are self-supporting with an assessment fee of $225. There is no refund for an unsuccessful challenge. Most forms of financial aid do not cover Course Challenges, please speak with the prior learning director or the financial aid office prior to applying for a Course Challenge if you do not plan to pay out of pocket. 

A successful challenge will be transcripted with an "S" grade or a decimal grade. There will be no transcript entry for an unsuccessful challenge.

Your successful challenge will be transcripted within the quarter earned. Credits will count toward the Edmonds College residency requirement and will be calculated into your grade point average (GPA).

If you plan to transfer to another institution, be sure to check the transferability of credits earned through a challenge.

Consider reviewing the course objectives of the course you are interested in challenging. You will find the learning outcomes for each course by going to  Course Descriptions and Objectives. You will then select the class you would like to challenge to see if you believe that you will be able to demonstrate those learning outcomes.

You should reference those objectives as you complete the course challenge request form.

If you have any difficulty or questions, please contact the PL director at priorlearning@edmonds.edu.

You are now ready to apply.