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Alignment of Snohomish County Areas of Focus and Edmonds College Programs

Snohomish County Blueprint 2015 Economic Alliance Snohomish County Edmonds College Programs
-Local goods
Agriculture Horticulture
NSF Grant for Sustainable Agriculture
Biotechnology Biology, Chemistry, Engineering Technology, STEM
Business Services
-Information technology
Business services
-Financial services
-Info tech
Accounting, Business Information Technology, Computer Information Systems, Computer ScienceBusiness Management, Digital Forensics, Paralegal, Visual Communications
-Green building
Construction Construction Management
Education and Public Services Education and Public Services Early Childhood Education, Social and Health Services, Emergency Management and Business Continuity
Health care Health care Allied Health, Health Care Administration
Manufacturing Manufacturing
WATR CenterEngineering Technology
Retail Retail Business Management, Computer Information Technology, Visual Communications, Business Information TechnologyAccounting
Tourism and Recreation
Tourism Hospitality: Travel and Tourism, Event Planning, Culinary Arts