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Pre-College Office is Serving Students In-Person and Remotely.
While the Pre-College office is now open to walk-ins, we still have virtual options for your convenience, including a virtual Zoom front desk.

Advisors are available by phone, GoogleMeet or email. Please call 425.640.1593 or email precollege@edmonds.edu to make an appointment or connect with your advisor directly. Winter Quarter classes start January 3.

Zoom Virtual Front Desk: Mon.-Thurs., 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

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Whether you want to improve your job prospects, get your high school diploma, or prepare for college, Pre-College Education classes can help you meet your goals.

Compare High School Completion and GED Programs

Pre-College Programs

Adult High School

Are you an adult who wants to get a high school diploma? You can take classes at Edmonds College to obtain a high school diploma recognized by the state of Washington. Some of the classes you take in the Adult High School program might even count toward a college degree!

English Prep

Gain confidence and prepare for college-level classes! Improve your reading, writing, and study skills. Learn the secrets and strategies of the most successful college students. Find out more about English Prep!

Counseling Psychology

Choosing a major or deciding upon a career path?  Interested in discovering more about yourself and how you interact with others? 

Counseling Psychology courses may be helpful in discovering your interests, personality type, values, strengths, self-esteem, and more.  In turn, what you learn about yourself will help you as you make life decisions such as choosing a major, changing career paths, and improving relationships. Take a COPSY course and take the next step toward your goals and future!


Are you a young student who wants to finish high school and get a college degree? EdCAP provides young adults (16-21) with an opportunity to earn a high school diploma in a college environment. Students have the option to explore classes that will give them a jump start towards one of our many professional technical programs.

GED® preparation

Do you want to take the GED® test but aren't sure if you're ready? Take a GED® preparation class and get the knowledge and skills to test with confidence.


Get a head start in the I-BEST program, which combines an academic support class with practical application of learning in career classes. Get started learning skills for a new career with higher wages. Take classes in Computers, Electronics and Networks, Allied Health, and Medical Office Terminology.

High School+

If you are over 18 years old and want to complete your high school diploma, this affordable program may be for you. This $25 per quarter program applies credit for work and life experience towards a degree.