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Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

Parking and Traffic Management

General Information

Vehicle Parking:

  • Permit Parking enforced 24 hours a day
  • Park in designated spaces only, see campus parking map;
  • One vehicle per space - vehicle inside parking lines
  • No parking in fire zones (yellow) or areas marked "No Parking" (white angled lines);
  • Do not block entrances, exits, or gates;
  • All vehicles must park in accordance with college policies summarized below;
  • No permit parking in visitor spaces.
Parking Citation Appeals

Citations may be appealed by completing the online appeal form. No hard copy/paper appeals will be accepted. You must file an appeal online within five days of the ticket date. You will receive campus email notification of the appeal decision within 10 business days.

Speed Limit -

The speed limit for all college property is ten miles per hour unless otherwise posted.

The speed limit in Lots P and Q near the Center for Families is 5 MPH


Pedestrians always have the right of way.

Foot Propelled and/or Battery Powered Devices:

To maintain safe pedestrian right-of-ways, no foot-propelled devices will be operated on campus walkways. This includes, but is not limited to, skateboards, scooters, and bicycles. Additionally, no electric or battery-operated scooters, bicycles, or other motorized vehicles will be operated on campus sidewalks or in the campus courtyards.

Exceptions to this may be made for required college vehicles, such as facilities vehicles. Exceptions may also be made for vehicles needed for special events or specific one time activities with the prior approval of the security office.


Bicycles must be parked in appropriate bike racks and secured with a locking device. When bike rack space is not available, bicycles may be parked near the bike rack area if the parked bicycle does not interfere with pedestrian traffic and is secured by a locking device to prevent potential theft of the bicycle.

The following specific rules must be observed while operating bicycles on campus:

  1. Bicycles will not be ridden on campus walkways, in campus courtyards, or inside college buildings at any time.
  2. Bicycles will not be leaned on or parked against windows, doors or building walls.
  3. Pedestrians have the right-of-way on all courtyard and sidewalk areas of campus.
  4. Bicyclists must adhere to college traffic rules at all times.
  5. Bicyclists must ride in designated lanes where such lanes exist.
Secured Bicycles Parking

You may store your bike in a keycard-secured enclosed bike shed for FREE on a quarterly basis. Take your valid EdPass to the Security Office in Woodway 214 to get your card coded for Bike Shed Access. Bike shed storage space is available on a first come first serve basis.

Bicycle Impoundment:
  • Bicycles parked on pedestrian paths or sidewalks, inside buildings, or near building exits may be impounded. 
  • Bicycles left unattended on campus for more than fourteen (14) days may be impounded.
  • Impounded bicycles will be stored in a location determined by the senior campus security official for no more than fourteen (14) days.

Abandoned or lost and found bicycles that have been impounded for more than 14 days shall be subject to disposal in accordance with the laws of the state of Washington. 

Student Parking Permits

EC parking permit stickers are required on student vehicles. Your permit may be transferred from vehicle to vehicle, but remains the responsibility of the person whose EdPass the permit is issued under.

The first permit is free; additional permits are $15. 

Students with a valid EdPass student identification card:

Students must posses  a current college ID (EdPass) to recieve a parking permit. 
Take your valid EdPass card to any of the following locations to get your parking permit sticker:
Enrollment Services, First Floor Lynnwood Hall, or
Cashier's Office, First Floor Lynnwood Hall.

Students without a valid EdPass student identification card:

Go to the EdPass Office, Lynnwood Hall 214 and with creation of an EdPass student identification card, you will also be issue a parking permit.


Parking permits will be issued to students coming to campus. This includes those who are:
  • Attending in person instruction
  • Picking up their EdPass
  • Picking up equipment, books , or other instructional and student support items
  • Living in Student Housing - Note housing students who leave their vechicle overnight are to park in Lot D and have both a housing permit and a college parking permit displayed

If you have a valid EdPass you may make an appointment with Security to be issued a permit.

To make an appointment request, fill out the Security Office Appointment form and you will receive a Google calendar invite as confirmation of your appointment. Please remember to bring your EdPass or you will not be issued a parking permit. 

Students without a valid EdPass student identification card:
Please submit an Online Photo Submission form and the EdPass office will notify you when your card is ready. They will also be able to issue you a parking permit if you request one.

Student Employees

Student Employees receive a Student Parking Permit and must park in student designated areas.

Employee Parking Permits

Employees must show a valid EdPass to the Campus Safety and Security Office, Woodway Hall 217.

Employee Parking Permits - Required on all employee vehicles while parking on campus at any time.



If you are a new or returning employee, please obtain your new Parking Permit (PURPLE in Color | Fall 2020 - Summer 2021). 

You may obtain this permit in the Security Office by appointment only during a time you are scheduled and approved to be on campus.

To schedule an appointment with Security, please use the Security Office Appointment Request Form. 

Parking Permit Placement

Please display your parking permit on the lower driver side portion of your windshield.  The permit number and bar code must be clearly visible and unobstructed.

See the proper placement of your parking permit


Carpool Permits

College students and employees may obtain carpool permits from the Campus Safety and Security Office, Woodway Hall 217 one week before the start of each quarter until they are gone. Permits are first come first served. Vehicles issued a carpool permit must meet the following criteria:

  • All carpool participants must be registered students or employees of Edmonds College.
  • Each vehicle must have two or more registered carpool participants, all 16 years of age or older;
  • Each vehicle must have two or more passengers on board upon arrival at the college and the carpool permit must be visible on the driver's side dashboard.
  • Only vehicles displaying a valid carpool permit may park in designated carpool spaces in Lot L prior to 10 a.m.

Visitor Parking and Visitor Permits

For those coming to campus for short term college business you may park in Lot L for short term visits. Security officers monitor Lot L for 'short term visitor only' parking. Visitors may call a security officer at 425.754.0154 for a visitor permit if Lot L is full. Additional visitor parking with a visitor permit may be available in lots K and P.

For Visitors with prearranged campus business - please email your campus contact and ask them to arrange to have a permit emailed to you. Then print this permit and place it on the driver side dash making sure it is clearly visible.

Disabled Permits and Parking

No vehicle may park in a designated disabled parking space without an approved disabled parking permit, license plate, or license tab issued by the Department of Licensing. The permit must be clearly displayed according to state law. Campus security and/or local law enforcement agencies will enforce the disabled parking spaces.

In addition to the disabled permit, a staff, student, or visitor permit must also be displayed.

Staff Lots

Only vehicles displaying a valid staff or visitor permit may park in designated staff lots A and P between 630 AM and 2PM.

After 2PM any vehicle displaying a valid Edmonds College Parking Permit may park in any lot.

Student Lots

Only vehicles displaying a valid student or visitor permit may park in designated student lots between 630 AM and 2PM

After 2PM any vehicle displaying a valid Edmonds College Parking Permit may park in any lot.

Student Housing Parking

Residents of Rainier Place and Triton Court will park in Lot D and for overnight parking will display both a valid Edmond College Parking Permit and a Student Housing Permit.

No other vehicles may be left on campus overnight without prior authorization. 


Motorcycle parking is designated in Lot B and Lot P 


The amount of the fine is noted by the Security Officer on the citation, and is assigned according to college policy. Fines must be:

  • presented and paid in person at the Cashier's Office OR
  • mailed directly to the Cashier's Office using the self-address citation envelope.

Payment will not be accepted by the Security Officer issuing the citation under any circumstance.

According to the college policy, the Security Office imposes violation fines, when:

  1. Any vehicle parked in a staff or student lot without displaying a valid permit
    • Permits are annual and should be placed on the driver's side front window lower left corner.
    • All vehicles on campus must display a valid parking permit.
  2. Any vehicle is parked in a designated carpool space without displaying an approved carpool permit between 6:30-10 a.m.
  3. A vehicle occupying more than one space.
  4. A vehicle is parked in a designated disabled parking space without displaying a valid, current, disable-parking permit.
  5. A vehicle is parked in a designated fire lane or areas marked "No Parking" (with white angled lines).
  6. A vehicle is parked in such a manner as to prevent access to/from any parking spaces or disrupt college activities.
  7. A vehicle is parked anywhere not specifically designated as parking (i.e. loading and unloading zones).
    1. Loading/Unloading is to be done with Flashers on and vehicle standing no more than 20 minutes
  8. A motorcycle is parked in a space not designated as motorcycle parking.

In cases where a vehicle has three or more unpaid citations of any kind, or is in violation of #4, #5, or #6 above, the vehicle may be immobilized, and/or towed by a contracted towing company to a vehicle storage site selected by the college and/or the towing company. The expenses associated with such impounding shall be charged to the owner/operator of the vehicle. The college and its employees or agents shall not be liable for loss or damage of any kind resulting from such impounding and storage.


To pay for parking fines:

  • Call our Cashier's Office at 425-640-1563, OR
  • Mail payment directly to the Cashier's Office - be sure to include a note with Citation Number, Student or Employee Name and Vehicle Plate #.

Unpaid Fines

Failure to pay parking citation fines may result in disciplinary action and/or collections action for students and employees.

  • Vehicles with three (3) or more unpaid citations of any kind or those in violation of any one of the rules listed below, may be subject to towing and impoundment:
    • Vehicle is parked in a designated disabled parking space without displaying a current, valid Department of Licensing disabled parking permit, license plate, or license tab
    • Vehicle parked in a designated fire lane or area marked as a No Parking or a Load/Unload zone.
    • Vehicle parked in such a manner that it prevents access to/from any parking space/s or disrupts college activities.

Charges associated with towing and impounding shall be the sole responsibility of the registered owner of the vehicle.

The college and its employees or agents shall not be liable for loss or damage of any kind resulting from such impoundment. 

In the event of a dispute about parking and/or traffic rules, the college’s webpage on parking and traffic management shall be considered the most current interpretation of all rules.

Assumption of Liability

All vehicles are parked on college property at the owner's risk. Edmonds College assumes no liability for theft or damage to vehicles while parked on college property. All valuables should be removed or stored out of sight.

Lot map with letter designations