The campus phone system is out-of-service. Internet and email have not been impacted.

To reach the operator, please text 425.243.0867.

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Center for Families Closure Policy

If Edmonds College cancels classes because of bad weather or power outages, the Center for Families will also be closed.

If Edmonds College or Edmonds School District closes due to weather or power outages, the Center for Families could be affected.

If Edmonds School District is running late, Edmonds College and the Center for Families might be affected as well.

Due to state and federal regulations, if the Center for Families experiences a delayed power restoration, we will be forced to close for the day.

Sign up for Triton Alert to get notifications about campus closures and emergencies that require evacuation or securing place.

Call 425.640.1247 (Center for Families Reception desk) for more information.