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Office of International Programs

Accepted English Proficiency and math Scores

English proficiency is not required to be accepted. However, students who submit the following minimum scores, will place directly into English 101 or College/High School Program.

Only original score reports are accepted. Please submit a copy of your original report when applying and bring the original to Orientation.

Online Test Options:

Due to the global COVID-19 health concern, the following testing organizations are offering at home tests you can do online. Please visit their website below to learn more. 

The English placement test is waived with below test scores.

TOEFL iBT IELTS Placement Test taken within
72 (writing scaled score of 21 or higher) Overall 6.0 (5.5 or higher in each band.) ENGLISH 101 2 years
*MyBest™ Scores also accepted      


Duolingo English Test Test taken within
95 or higher 2 years

EIKEN Test taken within
Pre-1 2 years
SAT Reading/Writing ACT Composite Placement Test taken within
480 or higher 22 or higher ENGLISH 101 5 years

IB Test (SL or HL Exam) Score Placement
IB English test 7, 6, 5 Credit for ENGLISH 101, Placement into ENGLISH 102
IB English test 4 Placement into ENGLISH 101

AP Test Score Placement
AP English Language and Composition 4 or higher Credit for ENGLISH 101, Placement into ENGLISH 102
AP English Language and Composition 3 Placement into ENGLISH 101

Regardless of a qualifying test score, all students will need to take the Edmonds College English placement test upon arrival.

For test scores below these levels, placement will be determined by the student's score on the Edmonds College English placement test given upon arrival. For a sample test, please review starting on page 15 of the LOEP Prep.

TOEFL IBT Test taken within
54 or higher 2 years
*MyBest™ Scores also accepted  

IELTS Test taken within
5.0 in each band 2 years

CAMBRIDGE Test taken within
First Certificate Grades A, B, C 2 years


Duolingo English Test
80 or higher


EIKEN (Step Eiken) Test taken within
2A (2150 or higher) 2 years

ELS Program Test taken within
Level 109 2 years

Institutional TOEFL
Not accepted

ITEP Test taken within
Level 4 2 years

Pearson Test of English (PTE) Test taken within
Score of 42 2 years

Kaplan Test taken within
Higher Intermediate Level 2 years

FLS Test taken within
Level 14 2 years

Math placement test is waived with below test scores.

ACT Test Score Placement Test taken within
ACT Math 25 or higher Math 140 or Math 141 2 years
ACT Math 20-24 Math 97, Math 107, or Math 146 2 years

AP Test Score Placement
AP Math 5 on Calculus AB Credit for Math 151 and 152, Placement into Math 153
AP Math 3, 4 on Calculus AB Credit for Math 151, Placement into Math 152
AP Math 2 on Calculus AB or BC Placement into Math 151
AP Math 4, 5 on Calculus BC Credit for Math 151 and 152, Placement into Math 153
AP Math 3 on Calculus BC Credit for Math 151, Placement into Math 152
AP Math 3, 4, 5 on Statistics AP Credit for Math 146

IB Test (Higher Level) Score Placement
IB Math Test 7 Math 151
IB Math Test 6, 5 Math 142

SAT Math Score PSAT Math Score Placement Test taken within
520-579 520-579 Math 097, 107, 140, 146 2 years
580 or higher 580 or higher Math 107, 140, 141, 146 2 years

Examity Test

We are partnering with our Testing and Assessment Services to offer virtual English and Math testing for accepted students.

The types of tests available include English (the LOEP test) and Math offered through an online testing site called Examity.

  • Students must have an accepted English proficiency score to be eligible for a math test. If you do not have an accepted score such as TOEFL or IELTS, then you may take the English test first through Examity to try to get the accepted placement.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to prepare for the English and Math test prior to taking it, see test preparation resources available online.
  • Students are allowed one English test and one math test, plus one retest each, prior to enrolling in a class. First English and math tests are free. There is a $25 charge to retest.
  • After you get your test result and want to retest, please pay $25 and email your receipt to testingcenter@edcc.edu to request your retest. Pay the retesting $25 fee here.

Steps to Take Examity:

  • Submit an online application first. You will be given a student ID number which you will need to take the test. 
  • Go to the Virtual Testing page to read about the ”Examity System Requirements”
  • Once you are ready, send an email (see example below) to request a test. Students (not parents/agents) must email to testingcenter@edcc.edu directly.
  • You will receive a test voucher and can schedule your test date immediately. The voucher will have an expiration date. If you can’t take the test before your voucher expires, please email testingcenter@edcc.edu  to cancel your test voucher.  Once we issue the voucher, if you don't use or cancel it, there will be a $25 fee.  
  • Keep in mind that English test results may take up to 3 business days if you are required to write an essay.

Example email to Testing and Assessment Services

To: testingcenter@edcc.edu 

Subject: Request for Examity [FULL NAME, STUDENT ID]

Hello Edmonds College Testing and Assessment Services,

I am accepted to Edmonds College and I want to take an English (LOEP) test via Examity. My full name is _________________.  Edmonds College student ID #: _______________.  Date of birth (month / day / year): _____________.  My email address is: _______________. Please see the attached copy of my passport. Thank you! Sign Your Name.