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Remote Testing For Placement Tests

To provide students with more options and flexibility in completing required placement tests, Edmonds College is now working with Examity as our approved online remote proctor for the Edmonds College English and Math Placement tests. You now have the option to take these tests in person at the Testing & Assessment Services office or remotely.

Scheduling an English or Math Placement Testing with Examity

If you'd like to take your English or Math Placement Test remotely via Examity, please read the system requirements below. Once you have determined that you meet Examity's system requirements, please email us. In your email request please include your full name, your ctcLink ID, your date of birth, and what placement test you wish to take. 

Once we receive your Placement Test request, we will send you a vouching number that will allow you to take the placement test via Examity.

Examity System Requirements

To take a remote placement test using Examity you will need the following:

  1. A computer
  2. A web-cam
  3. A high speed Internet connection

No additional software is required prior to your test session appointment. The live online proctor will provide the necessary software to effectively proctor your test session remotely. After the session is complete, your proctor will conclude the test session and remove any remote proctoring software from your workstation.

Be sure to check your computer system when you register or schedule your first proctored exam. We also recommend you test your computer 4 hours prior to any exams to be sure there will be no problems.

Prior to your test session, establish a tidy and undisturbed environment where you can conduct the test session. You will not be allowed to interact with anyone except for the remote proctor during this time. Any interruptions may require the remote proctor to immediately suspend the test and terminate the test session.

- To familiarize yourself with Examity's testing procedures for virtual English placement, please review the Accuplacer Examity Guide
- To familiarize yourself with Examity's testing procedures for virtual math placement, please review the Examity Test Taker Guide 

Please do not wait until the last minute to schedule a test with Examity. Waiting times to test via Examity are increasing, and you will need to schedule your test before the Examity voucher expires.   

Examity Online Proctoring – Student Expectations:

  • The student’s desk must be clear of any papers, folders, books, cell phones, and electronic equipment, including calculators.
  • Any whiteboards or blackboards must be erased or covered.
  • Any second monitors must be disabled and turned facing away from the student.
  • Any blue tooth enabled devices must be disabled.
  • Any allowed items must be communicated in advance to the proctor and the student must display them during the room scan. (Ex: Notes, calculators, graphing tools, notes, formulas.)
  • The student is not allowed to talk or receive assistance from other people during the exam.
  • Prior to starting the exam, the student must close out any open applications including web pages, mail, chat or IM programs.
  • If the proctor detects any aberrant behavior during post-test review (behavior not in line with the code of ethics/integrity policies/Online Proctoring Expectations), the proctor will flag the exam and refer the student back to the institution.