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Special Projects

In addition to our regular services, we also provide, depending on funding each year, the following programs:

WorkStart Project

In 2017 two parents from our Leadership Council attended a Parent Summit hosted by Washington State Head Start and ECEAP (WSA). As a result, these parents worked with our program leadership to help launch a WorkStart Program. WorkStart is a program that trains and prepares parents to work at a Head Start/ECEAP program. Parents attend weekly training and then volunteer in classrooms. Once parents complete this 10 week program, they can then apply for Classroom Aide positions and On-Call Sub positions within our program.

Chess For Life

Chess for Life is a program that trains teachers to work with children in the classroom to learn how to play chess. The program is sponsored by Washington State Head Start and ECEAP (WSA) and is funded through a grant from Boeing. Through these teachings, children work on math skills such as number recognition and counting. They also practice alphabet recognition and strategic thinking skills; all skills align with our school readiness goals.