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Prohibits gender discrimination

Title IX prohibits gender-based (sex-based) discrimination in any form towards both students and staff. Gender discrimination occurs when a person is treated unfairly or harassed due to their sex; this is more commonly known as sexism or sex-stereotyping. Gender discrimination in Title IX began with a focus on equal opportunity in athletics, but has extended to fairness in all programs and activities.

Prohibits sexual harassment

Title IX prohibits sexual harassment of any form and ensures that a school takes necessary steps to address issues and complaints as they arise. Title IX makes sure that each individual has fair access to an education and is free from interference while at work or participating in athletics, programs, and activities. Sexual harassment includes unwanted sexual advances, suggestive jokes, catcalls, stalking, and the like.

Wondering if sexual harassment has occurred?

If you can answer "yes" to any one of the questions below, you may have witnessed or experienced sexual harassment. For your protection and for future prevention say something immediately: contact Joan Wyant at 425.640.2121 or joan.wyant@edmonds.edu  OR Casey King at 425.640.1246 or casey.king@edmonds.edu

  • Were there unwanted requests or unwelcomed behavior of a sexual nature?
  • Were there unwelcomed comments about an individual's body, sexual activity, or sexual attractiveness?
  • Did sexually suggestive touching, leering, gestures, sounds, comments, stalking, intimidation, or displays of sexually suggestive objects take place?

Note: the above can take place in person or through technology (texts, social networking forums, etc.).

Prohibits sex violence

Title IX prohibits sex violence of any type and towards or by students and staff. Sex violence is aggressive, physical acts of sexual assault, battery, inappropriate touching, attempted rape, completed rape, and acts of this nature. These are serious crimes and will not be tolerated at the college.

Prohibits discrimination against pregnant and parenting students

Title IX ensures that every individual has a right to an education and participation in programs or activities without the interference of discrimination. Under the Civil Rights Act, a pregnant or parenting student is entitled to the right of an equitable education and has the same access and rights to resources and courses. To support the pregnant and parenting students at Edmonds College, a Lactation Room for student-moms is made available in Brier Hall, Room 246.

Protects all students and employees

Title IX is a federal law under the Education Act of 1975 and Civil Rights Act of 1964 and works to protect all students and employees from discrimination, sexual harassment, and sex violence. It is the policy of Edmonds College to provide equal educational opportunity and employment to all students and employees, including enforcement of anti-discrimination on and off campus and in program equity.

Requires the college to protect against retaliation

Title IX prohibits retaliation of any kind when a complaint has been reported and filed. The law states that it is illegal to fire, harass, demote, prohibit from advancement, or retaliate against a person because they reported and/or filed a complaint. Retaliation associated with a Title XI report is a violation of federal law.

Requires the college to take immediate action

Title IX requires that every institution receiving federal funding comply with the law by putting in place policies and procedures for addressing complaints. As a mandate of this law, Title IX requires that a school take immediate action once a complaint has been filed. To learn more about Edmonds College's Title IX policies and procedures when a complaint has been filed, your privacy and confidentiality, and the hearing process please click the associated links or contact the Interim Title IX Coordinator, Casey King at 425.640.1246 or casey.king@edmonds.edu, OR the Title IX Investigator, Gene Blahato at 425.409.8774 or gene.blahato@edmonds.edu.

Requires the college to proactively prevent gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and sex violence on campus and in the workplace

Title IX requires the college to put in place policies, procedures, and activities that work to prevent discrimination, harassment, and violence on campus and in the workplace. Proactive prevention occurs at Edmonds College through the policies and procedures, response to complaints, and creating awareness. Currently the college is initiating student and employee trainings and an Awareness Campaign in order to provide information, education, reporting procedures, and support services and resources.

Protects your right to hostile-free academic and work environment and ensures your access to education

Title IX has the goal of creating an equitable and inclusive environment for both students and employees and prohibits activities and actions that would hurt or obstruct this goal. It is the right of each individual to be free of a hostile environment and have equal access to education and employment.