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Enrollment & Funding Rules

We base your financial aid offer on the number of credits you told us you plan to take each quarter. If your plans change, you must let us know by filling out the Adjust Aid Due to Change in Enrollment Level form for the correct year. Do this at the time you enroll, but no later than one week before the start of the quarter.

Your enrollment level is based on the following:

  • 1 – 5 credits, less than half-time
  • 6 – 8 credits, half-time
  • 9 – 11 credits, ¾ -time
  • 12 or more credits, full-time

Adjustment of Grants for Enrollment Levels

Adjusting Aid after the 10th Day of the Quarter

Pell Grant Census Date

  • We adjust the Pell Grant amount for students who change their enrollment level during the first ten instructional days of the quarter (seven instructional days for summer)
  • The 10th instructional day is called our Census Date
  • If you drop a class on or after the first day of the quarter, you may owe a repayment, or receive a reduced Pell Grant based on your new enrollment level
Changes to Pell Adjustment starting 2024-2025:
The Pell Grant depends on the number of credits you are enrolled in.

For example: Students who are in 11 credits...
  • are eligible for more than 10 credits
  • are eligible for less than 112 credits

What this means for students: Finalizing your quarterly plans as soon as possible is important. Adjusting your classes may result in delays of your aid, and possibilities of repayment. Notify our office as soon as possible for any changes made to your final class schedule.

We do not adjust other aid (grants or loans) based on a change in enrollment level after your tuition is paid, and/or we disburse your refund to you

  • If you add a class/es, and you receive your aid before the first day of the quarter, you may owe additional tuition and we cannot increase your grant or loan amounts
    • We determine if you made satisfactory academic progress based on the enrollment level at the time we disbursed your aid to you
      • This means that if you drop a class and end the quarter with a reduced enrollment level, we may determine that you did not make satisfactory academic progress for that quarter

We adjust all federal and state aid at the end of the 10th instructional day of the quarter (seven instructional days for summer quarter) if:

  • You did not tell us you changed your enrollment level
  • You still owe tuition, and/or
  • We did not disburse your refund to you

No adjustments are made to any financial aid grant or loans after the 10th instructional day of the quarter (seven instructional days for summer quarter), also called our Census date

Census Dates for each quarter:
Summer 2023: July 17, 2023
Fall 2023:  September 29, 2023
Winter 2024:  January 16, 2024
Spring 2024:  April 12, 2024

Census Dates 2024-2025 for each quarter:
Summer 2024: July 15, 2023
Fall 2024:  October 4, 2023
Winter 2025:  January 17, 2024
Spring 2025:  April 18, 2024

Enrollment Rules

  • You can only enroll for classes needed to complete your Program Plan
  • You may repeat a course once and receive funding if:
    • You received a grade of 0.0 – 3.0
    • V, U, and I if more than one year old
  • Grades above 3.0 are approved only if needed for graduation
  • You can repeat a class twice if you received a grade of W (official withdrawal)
  • Financial Aid can fund 45 credits of coursework below the 100 level
  • Financial Aid cannot fund Continuing Education and ELA (English Language Acquisition) coursework

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