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Enrollment Services

Assigned Enrollment Dates: SUMMER and FALL 2022


  • Last day to add classes online is:
    • July 7 (Summer)
    • Sept. 21 (Fall)
  • Last day to drop classes online is:
    • Aug. 11 (Summer)
    • Nov. 8 (Fall)
  • Courses below 100 do not count as college credits.
  • Students who drop all classes on or before the 10th day of the quarter (8th day for Summer) are NOT considered current students.

Registration is a quick and simple process. Follow these steps to know when you can start registering:

  1. Login to ctcLink to see what date the system has assigned to you.


  2. In the table below, find the number of credits you have completed (located on the left); this will show your enrollment date.


Tuition Payment Deadlines

See payment deadlines and options for details.

Registration begins at 8 a.m. according to the following schedule:

If you are a: Your Enrollment Date is:
  • Veteran with established eligibility (DD214 required and resident status)
  • Other special populations as instructed
        Thur., May 19
  • Currently enrolled or former student who attended Summer '21 or later and who has completed 60 or more college credits prior to Spring '22.
  • TRIO student.
  • Worker Retraining student who has met with the advisor in the Career Action Center.
  • WorkSource (WorkFirst/BFET/Opportunity Grant) student who has received a priority registration date and time from WorkFirst/BFET/Opportunity Grant staff.
        Tue., May 24
  • Currently enrolled or former student who attended Summer '21 or later, and who has completed 30 to 59.9 college credits prior to Spring '22.
        Wed., May 25
  • Currently enrolled or former student who attended Summer '21 or later, and who has completed less than 30 college credits prior to Spring '22.
        Thur., May 26
  • New student
  • Former student prior to Summer '21
    (If your address or phone has changed since you last attended, make updates in ctcLink.)
  • Public or private high school student:
    • Regardless of completed college credits.
    • Are not enrolled in Running Start or EdCAP (their date is based on credits earned)
    • Must register through Enrollment Services – No online registration is permitted (however, email is ok).

Open Enrollment:


May 27 – July 18



May 27 – Sept. 30



(See "Late Registration" below)

Late Registration:

Summer: July 5-18 (late fee applies July 19-Aug. 11)

Fall: Sept. 19-30 (late fee applies Oct. 1-Nov. 8)

Online registration is available holidays and weekends:

  • Through:
    • Summer: July 7 to ADD classes.
    • Fall: Sept. 21 to ADD classes.
  • Through:
    • Summer: Aug. 11 to DROP classes.
    • Fall: Nov. 8 to DROP classes.