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Applications are reviewed weekly, by a committee composed of College and Foundation staff.  Exceptions may be made for students requiring immediate assistance for food or shelter. 
Edmonds College Foundation Emergency Assistance Program is available for currently enrolled students who are experiencing an unforeseen financial situation that has occurred in the last 30 days that is beyond their control and could prevent them from continuing their education. 

The Program is intended to assist students who are serious about continuing their studies toward a degree or certificate at Edmonds College.  Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis and awarded accordingly within the annual limits of available Foundation funding.  Academic performance and program progression will be considered as part of the review process.

Questions? Contact Kristen Jaoui at kristen.jaoui@edmonds.edu.

The maximum award amount is $500

Eligibility Requirements

  • Currently enrolled at Edmonds College
  • Must be in Academic Good Standing
  • Student has not received Emergency Assistance in the last twelve months

What do I need to fill out this application?

  1. A copy of your course schedule (GET THEM HERE: https://transact.edcc.edu/student/waci002.html)
  2. A copy of your unofficial transcript  (GET THEM HERE: https://transact.edcc.edu/student/waci002.html)
    • If you are a new student, you must submit a screenshot of your CANVAS gradebooks to show good standing in your current courses OR have your instructor’s email kristen.jaoui@edmonds.edu to confirm good progress in courses)
  3. Copy of invoices or bills that shows past due payment
    • If you are asking for rent assistance, you must provide a copy of your rental agreement
  4. Personal statement that addresses each of the following: 
    • Why you need the emergency funds and how the money will be used
    • What caused your unforeseen circumstance or emergency
    • The exact amount requested and who should be paid (note: we don’t pay students directly)
    • What you have done to try to remedy your financial difficulties
    • Have you applied for FAFSA? This could be another funding source for you.

What bills qualify for Emergency Assistance?

Due to most classes being remote due to COVID-19, the Emergency Assistance Committee has expanded the scope of possible awards to include internet service. The emergency must fall under one of the following categories:

  • Shelter (assistance with rent or mortgage payment)
  • Food (assistance with food)
  • Transportation (assistance with car repairs, insurance, or gas)
  • Utilities (electricity, garbage, water, internet/phone)
  • Medical (insurance, doctors bills, eye care, dental care)

Emergency funds can be used to pay for basic telephone service and internet connection. The funds cannot be used to pay for the full charges of a bundled service or special telephone applications or call/text charges in excess of the service contract.


Award Process

Applications are reviewed every Wednesday, by a committee composed of College and Foundation staff.  Exceptions may be made for students requiring immediate assistance for food or shelter. A student’s personal statement, academic progress, and supporting documents will be used to determine their level of emergency and amount of award.  

Once your application is reviewed, the committee will decide to fund, deny or seek additional information. By having your application be complete, it greatly reduces the chance that the committee will ask for additional information. 

If your application is approved, Kristen Jaoui will contact you via email to let you know that your application has been approved.  Award checks will be made payable to, and sent directly to, the service provider. 

Due to the high volume of applications, payment can take up to two weeks. If you need payment to happen sooner, please let Kristen know when she contacts you.