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Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) Sponsored Students

Financial Guarantee

All sponsored students must bring a financial guarantee to the Office of International Programs for review. Sponsored students who do not have a financial guarantee will be responsible for paying all necessary educational expenses. There will not be any delay of payment allowed. If SACM denies the payment for any reason, it is your responsibility to pay all the fees.

In order to be accepted, the financial guarantee from SACM must meet the following criteria:

  • The financial guarantee letter must be made out to Edmonds College.
  • Valid Dates: Must cover the current quarter in full.
  • Education Level: Must be the same as your current student level at Edmonds.
  • Medical Insurance Coverage: If SACM does not guarantee insurance coverage, students must pay the fee by the tuition deadline. 
  • If above criteria is not met, please contact your SACM advisor to request a revised financial guarantee.

All sponsored students must submit their financial guarantee before the tuition deadline. 

Financial Confirmation Letter

We are unable to accept a financial confirmation letter instead of a financial guarantee. A financial confirmation letter only meets the requirements for admission purposes, and it is not sufficient for tuition purposes. 

We will not accept a financial guarantee that was originally written for another college. You will need to obtain a new one for Edmonds.


If a sponsored student has submitted a financial guarantee no later than the fourth week of the academic quarter and has already paid for tuition, they will receive a refund. Refunds usually take about two months. The refund method will be the same as the original payment method, except for cash payments.  If you paid with cash, Edmonds will issue a check instead. If your bank account is closed, the refund method will still be the same as original payment method. We encourage you to keep your original bank account open until your refund is issued. 

Questions? Email oip_fiscal@edmonds.edu