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Marketing Materials

Please find our marketing materials below sectioned by topic. Please expand the tile by clicking on the arrow to see available translations. Any questions, please email oip_desk@edmonds.edu 


A one page flyer for all you need to know about Edmonds College that provides consise information on programs, admission, and costs. 

Cost and Dates

Get a detailed list of all tuition, fees, housing costs, and important dates for students at Edmonds.

Cost and Dates


Listen to the voice of our students and alumni on how Edmonds College was the right choice for them.

University Acceptance List

Find a list of all Universities our students can get accepted to once they finish their degree at Edmonds College.

University Acceptance List

High School Completion Brochure

Learn about our High School Completion program, that allows students to get an international recognized Washington State high school diploma.

High School Completion Brochure

Housing Brochure

Find information on our 40+ year long housing program with our two residence halls and homestay program.

Bachelor's Degrees (BAS) Brochure

Get information on our four Bachelor's of Applied Science programs as well as our upcoming fifth BAS, and a new Bachelor of Science.

BAS Brochure

English Language Institute (ELI) Flyer

Get information on our upcoming English Language Institute (ELI) program.

Special Program Flyers

Get information on our our Summer 2024-Summer 2025 tuition discounts. This section also includes special flyers like our Top 10 Reasons to Attend Edmonds.

Joint Agreements

We are fortunate to partner with recognized institutions around the world. See some of our joint agreements below! 

Video Content

Check out these videos to share about Edmonds College and a folder of b-roll for your own needs.