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Edmonds College is a great place for career-minded musicians and hobbyists. See a full list of music courses.

Music Transfer degrees

Our music department offers transfer courses in music for instrumentalists, vocalists, and composers alike:

  • Music Theory, Ensemble, and Private Lesson credits transfer to most four-year universities in Washington State.
  • Combined with an Associate of Arts degree, your coursework in music can enable you to transfer with junior status to a four-year school.
  • Study with the pros! All of our music faculty are working musicians themselves - spanning symphonic, opera, chamber, jazz, salsa, rock, pop/contemporary, composition, and music production careers.

In addition to coursework for the Associate of Arts transfer degree, the following courses are recommended for musicians planning to transfer to a four-year university in pursuit of a Bachelor's degree in music.

MUSC& 141/142/143/241/242/243 - Music Theory (six quarters - 30 credits)
Our music theory curriculum parallels the first two years of music theory at any four-year school in the state. In addition to harmony studies, ear training, sight-singing, and keyboard skills are emphasized.

MUSC 150/250 - Private Lessons (six quarters - 6 credits)
Private study focuses on solo and chamber repertoire. We offer private instruction on piano, voice, composition, and all band and orchestra instruments by world-class instructors.

MUSC 189/289 or MUSC 147/247, 148/248, 149/249 - Concert Band/Symphonic Choir (six quarters - 12 credits)
All university programs require large performing ensemble participation. This experience will further your own musicianship through large group rehearsals and performance opportunities.

Music Electives
In addition to the core music studies above, Edmonds College music offers classes in music fundamentals, jazz performance and improvisation, voice, guitar, piano, music history, digital music, composition, and audio production.

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