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Music Theory

Classes for performers, composers, teachers, or conductors to understand and use the building blocks of music. Explore how musicians have used these tools from the Baroque period through modern times, and experiment with them yourself. Learn to incorporate ear training, analysis, composition, and sight singing.

  • Understand chord symbols and how to improvise from them;
  • Listen to a piece of music and identify the exact harmony as it flows — by ear;
  • Write out that amazing melody or piece of music going on in your head;
  • Compose a piece of music on state-of-the-art notation software, transpose it for a group of instrumentalists and hear it performed; and
  • Be able to look at any musical score and understand the harmony and form.

Planning to transfer to a four-year university as a music major? Start with MUSC 141.

The music theory sequence at Edmonds College parallels courses offered at the university level. The six class sequence begins Fall quarter and takes two years (no summer session) to complete. Also, start with Class Piano — MUSC 116. You'll learn music reading and keyboard techniques.

Just interested? Or a beginning music student? Start with MUSC 101.

Survey of Music Fundamentals is offered fall, winter, or spring quarters. Learn to read and write pitches and rhythms and/or major scale construction.