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Jazz and Salsa Band

The Edmonds College Jazz and Salsa Band is an auditioned ensemble meeting September through June, performing on campus and throughout the Northwest. Director John Sanders brings his experience as a Jazz and Salsa pianist to the ensemble. The Edmonds College Jazz and Salsa Band performs traditional and contemporary Big Band repertoire and functions as a Salsa Dance Band. In addition to Jazz Concerts, the Band will perform for multiple Salsa dance nights throughout the year held in our very own “Club Caja Negra” (Black Box Theater).

Jazz and Salsa Band Auditions

Auditions are now open for the 2023-2024 year!

Contact Jazz Band Director John Sanders to schedule an appointment. Below, you will find links to audition details and materials. You will first fill out the online audition form. Accepting a chair in the Jazz Band assumes a commitment for the entire 2023-2024 school year. All students will enroll in MUSC 133, Section A - Jazz Band. (Winter: MUSC 134, Spring: MUSC 135). Arrive to your audition early with your instrument. Email John Sanders, Jazz Band Director, to schedule an audition and with any other questions.

Audition Details

Follow directions in the PDFs below for your instrument. Your audition will consist of:

  • Playing prepared audition material.
  • For solo chairs, be prepared to solo over D Dorian, F Blues, and Bb Rhythm Changes (provided in PDF)
  • Playing any major scale over the range of your instrument.
  • Rhythm section players, be prepared to play in a variety of jazz styles, including uptempo swing, shuffle, jazz waltz, funk, Afro-Cuban, samba, and ballad.
  • Guitar amp, bass amp, and drum set will be provided. Bring sticks, brushes, and cables..

Audition Materials