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Health Unit Coordinator

This program is under review and the college is currently not offering Health Unit Coordinator classes.

Health Unit Coordinators work in hospitals, clinics, assisting nursing staff with non-clinical clerical tasks. They perform a variety of services for patients, visitors, and hospital management. They are an important link between departments, health-provider staff, patients, and visitors. Unit coordinators must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Employment expected to grow faster than all other occupations until 2012
  • You'll learn clerical skills, medical terminology, hospital organization, legal and ethical responsibilities, and transcription of doctors' orders.
  • After completion of the program students are eligible for certification through the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators (NAHUC)

Health Unit Coordinator Courses

  • AHE 117 Monitor Technician
  • AHE 121 Intro to Health Unit Coordination/Management
  • AHE 122 HUC Procedures I
  • AHE 123 HUC Procedures II
  • AHE 124 HUC Clinical Externship
  • AHE 162 Basic Patient Care Skills
  • AHE 164 CNA Clinical Externship