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Recommended Pharmacy Technician Course Sequence/Academic Planning 


The Pharmacy Technician courses are organized in 3 blocks as shown below. Students may begin with
either Block A or Block B–whichever is available upon completing prerequisites–but must complete
both Blocks A and B before continuing with Block C. Block A and Block B classes are offered in
alternating quarters during Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Block A

Course Number Course Title Credits
AHE 100 Career and College Success: Healthcare 3.0
AHE 115 AHE Healthcare Provider: CPR 1.0
AHE 170 Orientation to Pharmacy Practice 2.0   
AHE 172 Pharmacy Terminology 3.0
AHE 173 Applied Pharmacology I 5.0
AHE 177 Over the Counter Drugs 2.0

Block B

Course Number Course Title Credits
AHE 174 Applied Pharmacology II 5.0
AHE 175 Pharmaceutical Calculations 3.0
AHE 176 Prescription Processing 5.0

Block C

Course Number Course Title Credits
AHE 171 Pharmacy Law and Ethics 2.0
AHE 178 IV Preparations and Aseptic Technique 4.0
AHE 191 Pharmacy Clinical 8.0

The advisors for this program are:

Brent Leithauser Program Director | brent.leithauser@edmonds.edu | 425.640.1369
Cathy Dominguez | cathy.dominguez@edmonds.edu| 425.640.1242


**You may also call the Allied Health Department 425.640.1017 for any questions or concerns.