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Be part of your child's learning through a parent education program that fosters the growth and development of parents and children with hands-on learning. The Family Life Education department offers classes to parents and caretakers of young children.

Our mission is to work in partnership with families to nurture children's development through parent education and support.

We have nine cooperative community preschools and offer Parent/Child classes at the Center for Families. We also provide parenting education for Snohomish County Head Start.


Family Life Education programs allow you to:

  • Support and guide your children and their peers as they develop social skills.
  • Discuss child development and parenting strategies with an experienced educator.
  • Make new friends with parents with children the same age as your own.
  • Develop a new appreciation for play with babies and children.
  • Enhance bonding between child and caregivers.

Our programs focus on learning through play. Curriculum includes age-appropriate activities in art, music, math, drama, social skills, science, language, and early literacy.

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