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Degree and Certificates

Occupational Safety and Health Technician Associate in Applied Science (AAS-T)

There is a demand for trained safety professionals in every industry. The associate degree provides the necessary skills and knowledge for anyone interested in workplace safety and health. If you would like to earn while you learn, you may be interested in the Safety Specialist Apprenticeship program

Occupational Safety and Health Certificate

The Occupational Safety and Health certificate provides general safety and health knowledge and skills to work in any industry and is designed to be flexible to enhance an existing career with safety credentials. Adding a certificate to previous experience will give you additional knowledge to take on additional re-sponsibilities or move into a different career. 

Occupational Safety and Health Construction Safety Technician Certificate

The Construction Safety Technician Certificate was developed as a response to the demand for trained safety professionals in the construction industry. This certificate is designed for individuals with current or past experience in construction industry who are interested in taking on an expanded role focusing on construction safety. 

Board of Certified Safety Professionals Certifications

Associate Safety Professional (ASP) Certification

Anyone completing the Occupational Safety and Health certificate, with a previous bachelor’s degree is eligible to sit for the ASP exam following one year experience.