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Associate of Technical Arts Degree Questions

Are there any substitutions for CIS 233 and CIS 234, Systems Design and Development?

It depends. CIS 233 and 234 are HIGHLY recommended; however, if you take a high level three quarter series such as: Web Development, Java, C, Unix, Cisco, or Digital Forensics, you may substitute the last two courses in the series for the Systems Analysis and Design series in the main ATA. If you are planning to use any of the series classes toward your elective credits, you cannot you use them in place of Systems Analysis and Design. In other words, once you use classes towards satisfying the Program Requirements credits, you cannot then use them again towards the elective credits, otherwise, the total number of credits you have upon graduation will be less than 90 and you will not graduate. You must pick a different set of elective credits in order to be awarded the degree. Contact a CIS faculty advisor if you need more information.