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Web Development Questions

How is Web development different from Web design?

Web development is the programming used to make the 'back end' of a website. This includes database driven pages using dynamic scripting languages such as PHP, ASP and ASP.Net, as well as client side scripting such as JavaScript or Java. Web design is the process of designing a site using graphical elements for a web page layout.

Can I just take the three quarter series in Web Development, without taking the entire Web certificate or ATA degree?

Yes. However remember that CIS 241 has a prerequisite of CIS 100, and CIS 241 has a prerequisite of CS 115 or concurrent enrollment. Make sure you see a CIS faculty advisor in these areas if you want to waive these prerequisites.

Is the CIS Web Development series (241, 242, 243) a set of programming courses?

Basically yes. If you are interested in the artistic/design side of websites, you should check into the Visual Communications department on campus.