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Public Health w/ pre-nursing specialization program


Public Health Students Do you like helping others? Are you considering a career in nursing?

The bachelor of science in public health prepares you for graduate work, careers in the field, or admission to professional nursing programs at either the baccalaureate level or the masters level, and exposes you to evidence-based research and practice experiences. Students from Edmonds who graduate from the CWU Public Health Program are positioned to enter nursing school with a solid background in public health theory and practice. This potentially makes you more competitive for Masters and Accelerated Nursing Programs.

In partnership with Central Washington University (CWU), you can earn your associate degree in pre-nursing at Edmonds College and then complete their bachelor's of science in public health online* for a total of 180 credits. This partnership allows you to meet the prerequisites for nursing programs and earn a bachelor's degree in public health in three-four years while staying in the Edmonds area.  If you earn a bachelor's degree in public health, you can work in government, education, or other areas of public health. You can also apply to accelerated nursing or masters in public health programs to continue your education.

*CWU classes are online, but other Edmonds College science courses will have some in-person components.

Read more about the program in this press release.

Edmonds College LogoStep 1:  Earn your Pre-nursing Associates degree at Edmonds College

In the pre-nursing program at Edmonds College, you can earn your associates degree in as little as seven quarters. The courses you take count towards your bachelor’s degree in public health at Central Washington University and will also apply towards prerequisite courses for nursing RN bachelor's degree programs at other Washington state colleges**. 

**CWU does not currently have a nursing RN bachelor's degree program. 

Degree Credits Time to Complete Average Cost*
Associate in Pre-Nursing - Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA/MRP) 90 2 years $9,245

FOR ADVISING AND PROGRAM INFORMATION:  Contact Lori Hays at Edmonds College

Apply to CWU

Once you begin your pre-nursing DTA at Edmonds College, you will need to apply for admission to CWU.  To apply to the CWU Public Health w/ Pre-nursing specialization program, complete the application for admission to the program by clicking one of the buttons below.

Early Transfer Admissions Plus (ETA+):  For community college students with 0-60 credit hours of course work and working towards the pre-nursing DTA, you can apply to the CWU program before you complete your associate degree.  Applying for early transfer admission gives you access to CWU advisors and resources while a student at Edmonds College.


General Transfer Admission:  If you have 60-105 credit hours or are nearing completion of your pre-nursing DTA, you can apply to the CWU program using the button below.


CWU LogoStep 2:  Complete your Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health through CWU's online program

As you work towards your pre-nursing AA at Edmonds College, you also are earning credits towards your BS degree in public health at Central Washington University. You can complete your Edmonds College pre-nursing associate degree and CWU public health bachelors degree in 13 quarters.  CWU advisors are available to help along the way and CWU classes are ONLINE! 

LEARN MORE:  Public Health w/ Pre-nursing specialization online program


Step 3:  Start a career in Public Health or continue your education

Earning your bachelor of science degree in public health with pre-nursing specialization allows you to apply to accelerated nursing programs, master’s programs in public health, or work in public health in education, government, epidemiology, and many other job opportunities. Entry level positions in nursing can have ADN or RN with public health BS, but more advanced jobs require BSN-RN. 

Careers in public health with nursing backgrounds can include:

  • nurse educators- assess community needs, plan, implement, and evaluate health promotion programs–requires BSN and advanced degree
  • community health outreach– work with agencies to facilitate health programs in communities or agencies
  • global health nurse- work as a traveling nurse to relief efforts globally; among many other careers–requires BSN.