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Explore your future in Health care

Careers in health care are in high demand with a promising outlook for future employment.  Whether you are starting out, changing careers, upgrading your current health care job, or just exploring your options, we can help you get started.

Health Care Careers (Pre-Nursing DTA)

Many careers in health care require professional program education and training, such as nursing, dental hygienist, radiology/ultrasound, and physical therapist.  These programs typically require both patient care experience and prerequisite courses, particularly in biology, such as anatomy & physiology, nutrition, and microbiology.  You can complete these and other prerequisites with the pre-nursing DTA at Edmonds College while earning certificates from our Allied Health Education department to jumpstart a career in health care.

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Public Health
Community Health Worker
Dental Hygienist
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Physical Therapist
Radiology Technicians

Medical Careers (Biology DTA)

Some health care careers require a bachelor's degree and additional professional schooling, such as  masters degrees or doctorate degrees.  At Edmonds College you can start by completing course credits to transfer to bachelor's degree programs.  For these careers you will need a strong background in STEM courses, particularly biology, chemistry, and calculus-level math.  Our biology DTA or AST-1 degrees are options to get you started in these careers.

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Medical Scientist
Physician Assistant