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Community space which offers drop-in transfer support and STEM tutoring in courses such as Calculus, Computer Science, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry to all MESA Members.

In addition to free tutoring,  the MESA Student Center is equipped with white board tables, textbook lending library, Chromebooks, calculators, and headphones for in-room use. All MESA members have additional access to materials, such as: graphing paper, notecards, highlighters, or spiral notebooks. Snacks and beverages are provided for you while visiting. The MESA Student Center is a great place to connect and collaborate with other MESA members and STEM faculty. 

Want to learn more about MESA? Stop by and speak to one of our Student Ambassadors!

Location & Summer Hours

  • Hazel Miller Hall, Room 206
  • MONDAY - WEDNESDAY: 10:30am - 3pm

Tutor and Subject Schedule

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