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Select three to five people to serve as references. Choose individuals who know your work from a job situation, internship, college class or volunteer setting. Include at least one former supervisor. Pick people who like your work and will speak enthusiastically about you. A strong, positive reference can make the difference in getting a job.

Ask each individual for permission to use their name. Give them a copy of your resume. Describe your skills and strengths and the type of work you seek.

Use the same name, address, and phone format as your resume and the same type of paper. Place the word "References" at the top in large, bold print.

List all references using the same format:

Name (in bold)
(Formerly X Dept. Supervisor at ABC Company)
Present title
Address (optional)
Phone number

If your reference has joined a new organization, indicate the former relationship by using a descriptive line after their name.

Stay in touch with your references; call them with an update at least once a month. Whenever you give out your references page, call each person immediately. Tell them about the organization and position. Your call helps them prepare and usually results in a better reference for you.

When you land a job, call with the good news! Send a thank you card and include your new phone number or business card. Continue to nurture these relationships! These people are your cheerleaders.

Click Here for a Sample List of References