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Homestay student with host family



Homestay Student

You can create friendships that last a lifetime by becoming a homestay student. By living with a family, you can make new friends and improve your English skills as you experience family life in America. Ongoing support is provided by the Housing Services staff. All homestay families are selected and trained by the Housing Office.

Room, Food, Family Life

You are treated like family when you are a homestay student. Host families will include you in family activities and daily life. Though you will be treated like a family member, you may be expected to be more independent in taking care of yourself than their family at home. You are expected to clean your own room, do your own laundry, and clean up after yourself in the kitchen.

You are provided three meals a day. You can help yourself to breakfast and lunch and the host family will cook a fresh meal for dinner. You are expected to pay for any special foods, snacks, or personal items.

Expectations of Students

  • Stay in the Homestay Program for at least one quarter
  • If conflict with the host family comes up, first, try to resolve any problems with your family (then, if necessary, we will match you with a new family)
  • Respect and follow the guidelines of the host family in the U.S.
  • Do not participate in any illegal activities or drug use during your stay with the host family
  • Notify the family and the Housing Office 30 days before moving out
  • Pay Edmonds College for each quarter of homestay by the proper due dates
  • Read our Homestay Student Handbook for more information on our expectations for homestay students

Homestay Policies and Procedure

We believe in the idea of “responsible freedom.” This means Housing students have the freedom to make individual choices and decisions, but must also respect their host families and other students in the home. You are responsible for the decisions you make. You have rights, but with these rights come certain responsibilities, especially for those living as guests in someone’s home. Violating housing policies could lead to the removal of you from the Homestay Program and other consequenses with Edmonds College.

Student with a host family

We are a member of

  • NAFSA Association of International Educators
  • AWISA Association of Washington International Student Affairs
  • AIHP WS Association of International Host -Programs in Washington State
  • NW - ACUHO NorthWest Association of College and University Housing Officers
  • ACUHO - I Association of College and University Housing Officers International

Rates and Fees

  • Application fee: $275 (it is non-refundable, unless we do not provide space)
  • Homestay Minimum Advance Payment Fee: $919.50 (Covers the first 30 nights in Homestay)
  • Airport pick-up fee: $100* on arrival dates only ($100 after arrival dates)
  • Activity Fee: $25 (once each quarter)

*Airport pick up prices subject to change

Quarterly Costs

Questions about the Homestay program?

A staff member within the department would be happy to talk with you.