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Students Under Age 18

As part of our commitment to our students, Edmonds College housing offers safe, high-quality, and competitively priced options. Our housing provides a supportive environment that encourages you to develop your skills in leadership, community building, and academic studies. 

Residence Hall

Students who are 16 years old can live in Rainier Place and Triton Court Residence Halls. Our goal is to accommodate your housing preference whenever possible, and part of this is keeping students of a similar age together in apartments. Every floor in our Residence Halls has Residence Assistants (RAs) to help support you.

Though we do not have 24-hour supervision, we have student staff living in the Residence Halls and Housing staff on-call during the hours that the Housing Office is not open. Student Staff is trained on strategies to support underage students and how to accommodate your needs best.



Homestay is available for you if you prefer to live in a home environment with a local family. Our homestay families have their homes inspected, and they complete our Host Family Orientation before we place a student in their home. The Housing Staff keeps in regular contact with the homestay families.

If you participate in Homestay, you will have your own bedroom and be treated as a family member. All homestay families are aware of safety concerns for students under 18. The Homestay family is not the student's legal guardian; therefore, they are not responsible for a student's emergencies/extreme behaviors (drug use, theft, etc.). The college and the law will be involved with the student regarding serious behavior matters.


During Orientation week, you will be provided a student handbook and college calendar. They include information about Edmonds College's resources and support offered by several programs, including the International Office, Academic Advising Office, Counseling Office, and Academic Tutors. 

As part of the Orientation process, you will receive advice about the College's facilities and the surrounding area. We will assist you in registering with banks, learning about safety issues in the US, and meeting other international students who can help you during your stay. There are also many organizations in the area that can offer support to you, including those which cater to specific religious and cultural requirements and interests that you can learn more about if you like.

Medical Consent

If you are living in Edmonds College housing and are under the age of 18, you are required to submit a medical consent form to the Housing Office. The medical consent form should be completed by the student's parents or legal guardian(s).