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Free, one-on-one drop-in tutoring in a variety of subjects

We like to think of the Learning Support Center as one large tutoring center made up of two, smaller centers: the Tutorial Center (for most content tutoring like math, the sciences, etc.) and the Writing Center (for help with all writing assignments). 

The Tutorial Center offers free tutoring in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Whether you use our online or in-person services, that is always true!

In order to receive tutoring help, you must be currently enrolled at Edmonds College, in the classes you are asking for help with

If you have questions about our tutoring offerings, please get in touch with us! You can chat with us or leave us a message using the blue pop-up in the bottom right corner of your screen, submit a question using the "Other Subjects and General Questions" form on the Ask a Tutor page, email us at tutoring@edmonds.edu or call us at 425.640.1750. 

Summer 2024

In-Person Tutoring

Location: Mukilteo Hall 113
Hours: Mon.-Thurs.: 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Remote Tutoring Via Zoom

Hours available throughout the week and typically include afternoon through late evening and weekends.

For subject schedules and to access visit Ask A Tutor: Live, For online tutoring outside of these times, use eTutoring.


If you want to be able to live chat (video/audio) with a tutor and ask them your questions:

For all math (including statistics), chemistry, and physics classes and many other subjects like accounting, biology, economics, computer science, CIS, BSTEC, logic, and more:

Try using Ask a Tutor: Live! We are using Zoom so that you can have drop-in sessions with tutors for many different subjects. It's fine if you don't want to turn on your camera/only want to talk to the tutor. You can use your computer or a phone (for the easiest experience, we recommend a computer). You don't even have to have a Zoom account. 

For classes that you don't see listed on Ask a Tutor: Live:

If you want live tutoring help for classes that we don't offer on our Live page, then you should use eTutoring--they have a similar video chat tutoring process to ours. Their tutors come from different colleges all over the region, and are well qualified to help you with questions in many different subjects.

If you want to submit a question and receive a response from a tutor sent to your email:

Try using regular Ask a Tutor! The same tutors who used to work in-person with students are now working online, answering questions you submit to us using different forms for different subjects. 

This is a great option if you don't have time to do a video chat or you just don't want to do/feel comfortable with doing a video chat with a tutor.

For most questions, our response time will be around 1-3 hours, often shorter. Occasionally, depending on the subject, our schedules, and when you have submitted your question, the wait time can be longer, even up to 24 hours.

The following information applies to when our in-person services are open:

No appointments are necessary—all students are seen on a drop-in basis, so you can stop in any time you need assistance with what you’re studying. Every hour that we’re open we have tutoring available for most levels of math, and we also offer regular support in a wide variety of other subjects, including: chemistry, biology, accounting, BSTEC, computer science, CIS, allied health, physics, economics, philosophy (logic), psychology, music, and more. Come in to the Center to find the specific, quarterly tutoring schedules for the subjects you’re taking.

The tutors who will provide you with academic assistance are mostly students themselves, all of whom have successfully taken the courses they tutor and do an excellent job of working one-on-one with fellow students.

In order to receive tutoring in our Center, you must be currently enrolled in the subject you are seeking tutoring in.

For more information about tutoring schedules or how the Center works, call 425.640.1750, e-mail tutoring@edmonds.edu, or drop by the Learning Support Center at Mukilteo Hall, room 113 during our open hours.