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WRITE 95/101 support CLASSES

WRITE 95/101: Personalized classes to help you strengthen your writing skills

Would you like extra support from another teacher while you complete writing assignments for your classes? Do you want to work on your writing skills and develop more confidence as a writer?

If you are taking writing classes like AENGL 93, ENGLP 93, ENGL 99, ENGL 101, ENGL 102, or any other classes where you have to do a lot of writing assignments, and you feel like you could use more support while you work on your writing assignments, then WRITE classes are a great option for you.

WRITE 95 and WRITE 101 are supplemental, personalized writing support courses (taken for credit, pass/fail) taught by faculty. Your instructors will give you no new assignments or homework, but instead work one-on-one with you to discuss and give you comments on the writing assignments you're working on in your other, writing-heavy courses. 

Because you work with the same instructor over the whole quarter, they will get to know you and your writing habits really well--so they can help you identify aspects of your writing that you might want to work on more than others. They are like a writing coach! This kind of personalized attention can lead to a lot of growth over the course of a quarter! 

Please be aware: If you are looking for a 5 unit (credit) class to fill your schedule or you are wanting to take a class to improve your writing but you are not currently enrolled in a separate writing-heavy class, these classes are not a good choice for you.

If you have any questions about WRITE classes, please email Jeremiah Roland and he will answer your questions!

How to Register

We have created a visual step-by-step guide showing how to find the WRITE classes and enroll in them, including adjusting your unit (credit) count as you register!

In Class Search, to find the WRITE class, under Academic Organization, select Writing Skills (the last one in the list).

Use this visual guide to help you enroll in the WRITE classes and adjust your unit (credit) amounts.

Spring 2023 Sections


Take WRITE 95 with these other writing classes: AENGL 93, ENGLP 93, ENGL 99

Section Mode Course Instructor

WRITE 95 - 01-CLN (20642)


Daniel Griesbach

WRITE 95 - 02-CLN (20643)


To Be Announced

WRITE 95 - 03-CLN (20644)


Debbie Barks

WRITE 95 - 04-CLN (20645)


William Carty


Take WRITE 101 with these other writing classes: ENGL 101, ENGL 102, and any other 101+ level class with many writing assignments

Section Mode Course Instructor

WRITE 101 - 01-CLN (20646)


Daniel Griesbach

WRITE 101 - 02-CLN (20647)


To Be Announced

WRITE 101 - 03-CLN (20648)


Debbie Barks

WRITE 101 - 04-CLN (20649)


William Carty

Read below for answers to some frequently asked questions about the WRITE classes

What’s the difference between WRITE 95 and WRITE 101?

WRITE 95 is for students enrolled in a pre-college level, writing-heavy course, such as those in the English Prep (ENGLP 93) and Academic English sequences (AENGL 93), as well as English 99.

WRITE 101 is for students taking writing intensive courses at the college level, like English 101 and 102, and other classes across the college with 100+ level course numbers.

How many units (credits) should I register for? It says "1 - 5 units" on the online class schedule.

We strongly recommend only 1 or 2 units (we used to call these credits, but in CTCLink, they're units). Technically these courses allow for variable unit registration up to 5 units, but we strongly recommend that students only register for 1 or 2 units. You will earn your units in this class by having a certain number of "consultations" with your instructor during the quarter. 

When you register for this course online, you will choose how many units to sign up for. You can easily adjust your units after registration, but please take some time before you register to consider what unit amount is right for you. If you need help registering or adjusting your unit amount, see this guide

You should not take WRITE 95 or WRITE 101 if you are looking for a 5 unit class to round out your class schedule.

How much do these classes cost?

That depends on how many units (credits) you take and whether you are considered a resident or non-resident student for tuition purposes. Please refer to the chart on this page to see what it will cost for you.

If you are a student who currently receives $25 tuition, you may also take WRITE 95 for $25! Talk to your advisor for help with registration. (WRITE 101 is not eligible for reduced tuition, since it is a college-level course.)

How does this class work? What does it mean that it's "personalized"?

We say the class is "personalized" because there is no set of assignments that all students complete and you do not meet as a whole class. The class is tailored to you and your needs, so each student works directly with their instructor to ask questions and receive feedback/comments on their writing.

How the class works is that the number of units (remember, we strongly recommend 1 or 2) you sign up for indicates how many times you need to be in touch with your instructor to get their help with your writing over the entire length of the quarter (we call this having a "consultation"). In order to earn 1 unit, you will have 7-9 consultations. In order to earn 2 unit, you will have 14-18.

What counts as a consultation can be different depending on how your particular instructor is running their online class section--some use email to take your questions and send you feedback, while others will use Canvas, and some even have live video chat times for you to talk to each other. You will always have the ability to complete the class without having required live video chat meeting times, though, while the class is online. (When the class is in-person, you come to the Learning Support Center and sit down with your instructor to show them your work and ask them questions during designated times during the week.)

No matter the format, in order for a consultation to count, that means you will ask some questions for help from your instructor and show them your writing, and they will give you some comments and suggestions. You can ask for help with things like talking through & understanding the requirements of an assignment, looking at a thesis statement you're developing, discussing organization, or getting some guidance on grammar.

When does the enrollment period for WRITE courses end?

These courses are "open entry, open exit," which means you can register for, or drop, them up until the seventh week of the quarter (the sixth week in summer). After the third day of the quarter, all registrations must have instructor approval via email and have that approval sent to registration. You can add or drop the course in this way—or change your credit levels for the course—until the seventh week (the sixth in summer).

This means you don't have to be registered for this class right away when the quarter begins. If you find that, a few weeks in, you are struggling in your writing class and want more support from another instructor, you can register for WRITE then. Many students join the class after the quarter has already been in session.

Who teaches the WRITE 95/101 courses?

Instructors in the Academic English (AENGL), English Prep (ENGLP), and English (ENGL) departments teach the WRITE classes we host in the Learning Support Center (and now online!) every quarter.