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Faculty and Printing

Faculty may print in the campus computer labs, if they log in to the Academic Computer Services network and have an EdPass card. You will receive 20 free pages per quarter via EdPass. Faculty or staff who work in areas that pay for their own printing supplies (such as Brier Hall, Mukilteo Hall, or Mountlake Terrace Hall 159) can have more free pages added to their EdPass if needed. Email acs@edmonds.edu.

Tips to Help Students Print Less

Save students’ nickels. It costs them $.05 per page to print.

  • Encourage students to read information online. Digital materials are searchable, annotatable, and portable.
  • Work with the Print and Mail Center and Bookstore to make copy books that students can purchase. These are usually less expensive to produce and cost less than it would to print the equivalent number of pages.
  • If you provide PowerPoints to your students, encourage them to print only what is necessary. They can print several slides on one page or an outline. They can also copy and paste the key information into Word and reduce the number of pages that need to be printed.
  • Accept more assignments electronically. The Technology Resource Center can assist you in creating course content that is easier to use online or printer-friendly documents.